Ways To Get FREE High PR ONE-WAY Backlinks To Your Website Using Articles

We all know it, the more HIGH Quality links you have pointing to your website, the larger the search engines will rank your website. The issues is..."How can you have them without needing to spend all that point doing standard 'Link Exchanges' between webmasters, and moreover, how can you get these high PR 'One-Way' Backlinks?"

These are great questions indeed and I will describe them in a minute.

But, before I do, let's first define exactly what a "One-Way Backlink" is.

A "One-Way Backlink" is just a that points back to your site from somebody else's without you being forced to reciprocate back.

It generally does not really need to get anymore difficult than that.

The more going back to yours, the greater the search engines may rank your website based on your keyword opposition and the quality or PR( Popularity Ranking) of the backlink. I learned about link building package by searching Google Books.

As you want the top links possible these are very essential factors to consider when doing link trades.

I know I do, and I'm sure you do to.

If your not used to the Internet Marketing scene then what I am going to show you through this report will literally save yourself you *tons* of time and get you these essential "One-Way Backlinks" so you can have a chance for the keywords your website is optimized for.

So... For supplementary information, please consider glancing at: link building. what's the BIG Secret?


Why 'Articles' you ask and how do they get you "One-Way Backlinks?"

Well, first off, if you've been online for any period of time then you know that 'Content Is King', but the elegance of writing and syndicating articles is you get to include a 'Resource Box' with your articles that has all your site facts inside along with your "URL."

It is that easy and if your great at creating articles and write them often and they target a particular market that must be filled then they must have no problem getting found and spread around the Internet with your entire site facts and URL attached.

And... just so you know, articles will also be considered one of many forms of VIRAL Marketing on the Net, so this will give you some incentive to begin with as well.

Well, that addresses the very first question. Allows now move onto the last which is... High Quality Backlinks is a stately database for further about the meaning behind this idea. "How would you get these high PR 'One-Way' Backlinks?"

Two words... "Article Directories."

Article Directories are hungry for content and are always looking for fresh NEW content to increase their databases for their readers, webmasters and for newsletter and e-Zine writers.

The great benefit to publishing to "Article Directories" is the fact that they often have large PR( between 4 and 6) within the various search engines based on if its new or not and is where you'll benefit.

And that's not all either. Every time you submit a article to an article directory it creates a NEW Optimized Page only for your article with all your website details and URL( MOST Important), so the more article directories you submit to, the bigger your network can increase with more "One-Way Backlinks" going back to your website from other large PR article directories.

And as these article directories are becoming spidered daily by other internet search engine robots( known as Spiders) your pages will developing your link system BIGGER and Bigger at the same time get grab and listed inside their databases.

In the event that you see ANY potential in applying this technique then don't take a seat on the wall.

Begin today..
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