It simply cannot get any simpler than this

In-home Photo Scanning

It can’t get any simpler than this. We scan your images appropriate in your residence. Why would any person contemplate shipping their irreplaceable photos to a distant lab and danger in no way observing them once more? Till now, your image scanning options have been to ship your pictures to some distant point out (or nation), commit a few of days doing work with a neighborhood retailer or scan them at property on a sluggish flat-bed scanner. In-residence photo scanning is as practical as you can get.

Shoebox Legacies utilizes the quickest photo scanning gear available nowadays. Our Kodak PS80 photo scanners can scan up to eighty five images per minute – that sort of speed signifies our picture technician can scan all of your photographs in a pair of hrs. We’re in and out and you can get on with your lifestyle.

​HIGHEST Top quality
All our photographs are scanned at three hundred, 600, or 1200 dpi (dot per inch) – the actual specification presented by market foremost document imaging professionals. At 300 dpi your digital image can be printed at the precise measurement and good quality of your unique photo.

Point out-of-the-artwork equipment, software and internet resources offer you the greatest equipment for preserving your picture legacy.
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