The way to Opt for The Best Microphone For the Voice

With regards to acquiring a microphone, it may be pretty difficult to pick out best music recording microphone for the voice. No matter if you are singing or speaking, everybody's voice is different. Some voices are larger pitched, like female voices, and a few are lower, like a man's voice.

Considering that I cannot give a specific answer on what microphone you ought to get, I can try and help and make it much easier together with the tools necessary to shorten your search.

Let's begin with explaining what a condenser microphone is.

Condenser Microphone -

A condenser microphone could be the most common. It features a capacitor that converts acoustical energy into electric power. Condenser microphones demand energy from a battery or external source like an audio interface. The outcome is often a stronger audio signal, stronger than that from a dynamic microphone.

WHAT To think about WHEN Deciding on A MICROPHONE?

To decide what microphone is very best for your voice, the very first thing you have to appear at is frequency response.

Diaphragm sizes -

Some microphones include a big diaphragm to choose up lower frequencies excellent for decrease male voices, and bass instruments.

Other microphones incorporate a little diaphragm for larger notes. They are best for female vocals, acoustic guitars, violins, and cymbals. Usually these small diaphragm microphones can be discovered recording overhead sounds in orchestra's and drums.


Right here is a broad estimate of human voices measured in hertz (the amount of instances the vocal folds vibrate per second).

The average male voice typically falls amongst 110-130 hertz
The typical female voice normally falls involving 200-220 hertz
The average kid voice commonly falls between 300-400 hertz
The larger the vibrations per second, the higher pitched the sound is.

Directionality -

One more thing to think about is directionality. Which directional pattern, or polar pattern do you will need? For anyone who is just doing voice overs then the polar pattern you will need should really be focused and you will need to have a cardioid, or hypercardioid condenser microphone. This sort of microphone will be to drown out area noise and only choose up close contact noise.

Shock Mounts -

A shock mount is an attachment that suspends the microphone in place by elastic bands. It makes the microphone isolated from mic stand noises, as well as foot rumble noises. The shock mount absorbs all the unwanted noises maintaining your recordings clear and crisp.

Pop Filter -

A pop filter is anything everybody must have. music production microphone is a screen that reduces the impact with the air from your mouth when recording. Most words that start out with all the letter "P" or "B" are likely to shoot out bursts of air. Place your hand real close to your face and say the word "Pop"! Now do it once more and say the word "Bite"! Did you really feel that burst of air? A pop screen will lower the burst of air prior to it hits best microphone.
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