Planning Your Shy Child's Birthday Party - 10 Tips For A Stress-free, Happy Birthday

It appeals to all ages. Whether you focus on soft, cuddly critters, farm animals or go with an all out jungle theme, this is a party idea that can be adapted to any age group. And if your child has older or younger brothers and sisters or cousins that attend his birthday festivities, they would all get a kick out of this celebration.

Party favors and goodie bags are part of the party process that can easily get out of hand and over budget. Keep them simple, it is better to be more creative in the selection. Give những câu chúc mừng sinh nhật hay that reflect the party theme. Wrapping some of the items that go in the favor bag adds additional fun for the party goers. Remember to have the birthday child hand the goody bags out as this provides the opportunity for them to thank each guest personally.

It's fun! Set the mood with face painting the kids to look like their favorite beast. Have games like pin the trunk on the elephant. You could do a bean bag toss into the cut out mouth of a big lion head painted on poster board. Hide little animal prizes all around the room and then send the little ones on safari to find them. Quiz them on animal facts and reward the child with the most correct answers. Or bring them all to a local farm to see cows, horses, pigs and chickens up close.

A Year to Remember: A simple, elegant ornament adored with Christmas trees and snow, it makes a great gift for anyone on your list. Placed in the center is the year '2009.' It retails for $15.00.

Take each cake and put a message. happy birthday on one, The age on another. The name on another and maybe stars or something fun on the others. You can use your imagination here. This is a fun birthday cake idea and you can adapt it to most any birthday.

Eggs. Have your child gently place eggs into a saucepan. Then allow him to pour water on top. Cover the pan, then boil the water for about ten minutes. Add a tablespoon or two of vinegar, in case the eggs crack. Take the pan off of the heat, and allow the eggs to remain inside for at least another ten minutes.

A very nice Chiropractor (email me if you need a NYC Chiropractor by the way because he really seems to know his stuff) mentioned at one of my events that his wife was expecting any day. I sent him a hand written new baby card and included a special baby pillow as a little gift.

You remembered to send out the Elmo invitations, right? With his cheerful face on the cover the kids will be tugging at a parent's arm to get to the party on time. All the guests are arriving now. As they enter, let the Elmo Airwalker Jumbo Balloon greet them as a half-dozen Elmo Mylar balloons float near the ceiling.
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