Yard Cards And Greetings - The New Way To Say Hello

In an article called "bettering ourselves", we brought Michael Jackson's song, "The man in the mirror" to encourage our readers to make the world a better place by taking baby steps, starting by looking at the mirror. Our mirror is the window of the heart. Our mirror has the ability to bounce our reflection back and help us make decisions. Whether we like what we see or not depends on the "glasses" we use. When we look with anger, frustration and fear, our judgment will be cluttered and we might look fat, ugly and old. When we look with understanding, acceptance and love, our judgment will be clear and we might look fit, healthy and young. Clean windows and mirrors are essential for experiencing life fully. After all, it is all perception.

Don't worry about the guests being overexcited, though. You'll find it easy to get everyone to sit down if you place a happy birthday Coloring Book next to the Elmo Hooray! plate and Yippee! cup. Prepare for the usual spills and liven up the table at the same time with an Elmo tablecloth. chúc mừng sinh nhật 'll be truly well covered.

Holy matrimony. There is not a single marriage without a good sparkling wine. Some people buy the most expensive champagne they can find for their ceremony. And they're right, the cream cake is great when served with a glass of Dom Perignon.

Do you want to play drinking games? If you only know of the same or two that everyone else knows just go to your favorite search page and type in "drinking games" and you'll have access to more games you ever thought were possible.

I had a young lady who cancelled for an event at the last minute because her son was rushed to the emergency room. I sent her a hand written card that was motivational in nature for her and wished her son well. Ten days later I received a hand written card from this young lady thanking me for taking the time to care about her situation. Now, lets be clear, I sent her the card because I knew she was going through a tough situation, not to try to sell her anything. However, do you think she might think of me first if she comes across anyone who needs my services?

Next time you send out an email to your database recommend the product or service of one of your customers. Be social on social media. Have a customer promotion every Friday on your fan page. Share the love and you'll find it'll be reciprocated.

Not believing what you are seeing, you close your bank statement and then reopen it and, guess what, that Social Security retirement deposit is still there. Your first thought is to withdraw it so the government cannot take it away and then you come to your senses and invite a few friends to dinner so you can celebrate and share your first check with them.
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