NiceHash Confirms Hack and Loss of 4,700 BTC

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Cryptocurrency mining marketplace NiceHash has confirmed that the hack of its system has resulted in the loss of over 4,700 BTC.
The loss amounts to over $78 million at press-time rates.

CEO and co-founder Marko Kobal provided the update through a video on Facebook.

Kobal admitted that they have suffered a hack and the subsequent theft of the bitcoin.

The news came after persistent reports of emptied wallets, as well as an extended downtime period for the service's website.

Kobal said that the attack started in the early hours of December 6 after an employee's computer had been compromised.

Kobal said that the team is working with law enforcement.

He explained that "we're still conducting forensic analysis" to find out how it happened.

Kobal said the thieves gained access to their systems and began siphoning off funds from the company's accounts.

As of this writing, the funds are still being held in the address in question.

Kobal added he couldn't provide any more details, though he said that the attack appears to be "incredibly coordinated and highly sophisticated attack."

He also said the company would make available additional details on potential recovery measures.

"We are doing everything we can right now. However, this will take time," Kobal said.
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