What's an Aircast Boot?

An Aircast boot is a brand-name pneumatic walking brace utilized immediately after surgery or injury for the reduce leg or foot. The air cells in the brace are adjusted by the patient to get a custom match within a strong plastic shell. The support and stability provided by an cam walker boot permits sufferers to progressively raise weight-bearing activity on their injured leg because it heals. Aircast walking braces come in various sizes and designs for diverse applications.


orthopedic walking boot can be a leg splint utilized soon after surgery or injury, often between a full tough cast and walking independently. It gives support applying adjustable air cells and foam in a challenging plastic shell. The boot enables limited movement and a few weight-bearing exercising in the injured leg for the duration of recovery from a fracture or surgery. It truly is also used to handle edema.


Aircast manufactures a wide variety of goods for various body components and injuries. Even so, the Aircast boot refers to their walking braces. These walking braces differ in height, from an ankle boot to knee-high braces. The XP Walker and FP Walker braces are knee-height, possess a full shell for protection and are applied for fracture healing and managing edema. The XP Walker Diabetic Program is particularly made to reduce stress points in the XP Walker boot. The SP Walker can be a shorter walking brace, which may also be utilised for healing just after surgery.



Aircast boots feature pneumatic air cells for assistance. These cells are adjusted by the patient using a tiny bulb pump that connects for the brace. Plastic shields around the boot retain the leg, ankle and foot at a continuous angle, and guard it from bumps and bruises. Foam inside the brace cushions and protects the ankle. The sole of the Aircast boot is rigid and non-skid to assist the patient safely practice weight-bearing walking around the healing leg. The complete boot is held in spot with adjustable hook and loop straps.


Aircast boots help individuals gradually gain strength and movement soon after an injury or surgery. They supply help and stability, at the same time as a custom match all through the healing procedure. Some sufferers could possibly be able to use the walking brace devoid of the help of a crutch, enabling them use of each hands. The shields defend the injury from any accidental harm, preventing painful setbacks to recovery. Aircast boots may also be simply removed for bathing or to enable the leg access to fresh air.


A doctor’s referral is essential to buy an aircast walking boot. Because they're intended for healthcare use, it's vital that the patient be below a physician’s care and taught the best way to safely use the Aircast boot prior to attempting to make use of the brace on an injured leg or foot. Failure to know and use the boot correctly could lead to additional injury.
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