Music and cinematograph - two mutually reinforcing arts

There’s no question that these days music and film making are two more popular, interdepended and in some cases mutually reinforcing arts. All of us like hearing music and we all love watching movies. These both arts provide pleasure for our eyes and ears and are used as a perfect method for self-expression as for film directors as for composers. Usually, film director uses a distinct music to highlight the emotional state of a protagonist as well as to make us empathize with the protagonist. In this manner, usually, when we hear music, that was created for a certain movie, we automatically refresh in our memories the entire movie along with its emotional background and impressions we’ve got during its view.


One of the brightest examples, when music completely bears the sentimental state and atmosphere of the film, is Twin Peaks, that is the masterwork of the contemporary film-making. This American mystery drama tv series is one of the most wonderful masterpieces of David Lynch as well as an outstanding result of collaboration of this legendary film director with no less legendary music composer Angelo Badalamenti. You’ll hardly find an individual, who’ve never listened to the magnificent theme of Twin Peaks. Undoubtadly this theme is particularly powerful, while having the atmosphere and idea of this outstanding TV series.
When you are the real fan of film making, while understanding the crucial part of music for any film, you can view an interesting video essay on the YouTube channel Electronic Canvas. This channel supplies a complete analysis of music and its vital part in movie making, while offering the greatest level of immersion of a film viewer into the content of movie.
David Lynch couldn't be a typical film maker. He is a unique artist, who produces extraordinary situations in his films. His creativeness needs to be considered and comprehended. Because of this the narrator of Electronic Canvas talks about the part of music through the prism of Lynch’s movies with his fantastic art to utilize the emotionally charged music, while spicing up the essential moments of the movie. Mulholland Drive by David Lynch is one of those movies with an outstanding content material and music, where you can also enjoy as music as the talent of its director to work with the power of sound and music in the movie.
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