Retreiving Florida Divorce Records

In Florida, divorce records are stored together with marriage records after a law was passed in 1927 suggesting the consolidation of both marriage and divorce records into one depot. Florida divorce records are managed by the State Office of Vital Statistics under the jurisdiction of the Florida Department of Health. Divorce records in Florida are officially called the Dissolution of Marriage Records.


With a population above eighteen million, 4th biggest in the Florida Divorce Records Search America, Florida is one of the worst states when it comes to divorce cases. With their rate of six out of a thousand people, they have accumulated millions of records of divorce cases.

The Florida Department Health keeps all documents of divorce cases that has occurred and filed since June 6, 1927, while those documents that occurred and filed prior to the consolidation of records are found at the Clerk of Court of the county where the dissolution of marriage occurred. Divorce documents are available for the public to view and use but only if they Free Public Divorce Records Search oblige to the requirements which are a $5 dollar fee and basic information about the divorce. Once the request is made, the no money-back guarantee will immediately take effect even if no information is found for your search request. For these kinds of instances, a certificate will be provided instead to acknowledge that no data was found.

Divorce records are classified into two kinds image ? a divorce decree and a divorce record. A divorce decree is a document that summarizes all the terms and conditions stated by the court about the divorce. A divorce record reveals basic information regarding the groom and the bride. Some details include both the spouses? name and date and place the divorce occurred.

Application for a copy of divorce documents can be requested by mail. Unfortunately, the time it takes to obtain such documents take a long time to process, that is why people turned to professional records providers that provide these documents for you. The more information you know about the divorce, the better because it will make the search more accurate and results will be given to you before you know it.

Professional providers get their information from multiple sources of divorce court records. Search results are accurate because they make use of a database that is linked with other database to allow searching all states. Their sources are always aware of any changes so they can give clients correct reports. These providers guarantee to make a full search for the subject but they require a small fee for their service. Also note that you have to research about the providers first before starting because not all sites are as comprehensive as others.
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