Tips to Help Improve Your Car Audio System

sound much better and the experience of listening to music be closer to a live concert or an audition, than what standard cars usually offer us.
To achieve this, we will have to make a preliminary planning, an installation and some adjustments, which will depend on our expectations, how much we are willing to modify the serial equipment of our car and how much money we have in our budget.
The initial approach
Do I replace the source of origin?
This decision is increasingly difficult, especially nowadays, that the control consoles are so aesthetically integrated with the multimedia equipment as standard.
Normally the source does not offer optimal sound quality, and if we want to take a big step in quality, it is advisable to replace it with a new one of a certain level . In certain exceptions, such as high-end cars or with sound packs sponsored by certain brands (BOSE, Harman Kardon, etc.), the source can give a more than acceptable quality.
Do I upgrade only the front speakers, or all the speakers in the vehicle?
If we look for the highest possible quality, we should focus all the available economic resources, in getting the best possible loudspeakers for the front , as well as its corresponding amplification.
If we are not very demanding and only look for a little more power and sound in the 4 seats, we can improve all the speakers of the vehicle. Of course, in this way the budget will be divided among more components, and therefore cheaper. This option is not recommended if what we are looking for is absolute quality at the front. No more speakers, mean higher quality: the rear speakers produce an indirect sound with reflections, which will lose accuracy to the front scene.

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