Choosing Homes in Virginia Beach

When we gone to live in the Virginia Beach area, he insisted on locating a home nearby the ocean. Even as are from Florida, we have been familiar with warm weather and straightforward accessibility to the beach. While Virginia Beach has many great homes through the entire city - inland and along the shore - we chosen over reside in a home that has been walking distance on the beach. You will probably have to may more than you'll to get a house far away from the ocean or bay, one can't argue using the atmosphere or beautiful views. In case you have considered getting a home in Virginia Beach and don't desire to bother about beach parking outside your driveway, there are some neighborhoods you should browse first.


Whether you plan to search the location with a realtor or explore all on your own, you may want to emerge the GPS and a notepad to check out many of these popular, beachy Virginia Beach neighborhoods.

Cape Story - Also called Cape Story with the Sea, this area in Virginia Beach is situated across the Chesapeake Bay, near to First Landing State Park and Fort Story. Here residents can drive up and along the long stretch of Shore Drive toward the touristy Oceanfront area or the other way toward the Chesapeake Bay-Bridge Tunnel and Norfolk. Residents of Cape Story have the bay shores along with a variety of great restaurants and hangouts.

North End - Round the corner at Fort Story and you will find yourself on its northern border End. This neighborhood is regarded as among the more exclusive in your neighborhood, and for good reason. North End residents are near the Atlantic Ocean as well as a quantity of exclusive golf clubs. It's not impossible to discover a good priced home in this field, but you might find the price tags allow me to share a lttle bit higher. In the event the beach life's everything you crave, take a glance around anyway - you can find lucky.

Sandbridge Beach - The Sandbridge section of Virginia Beach is fairly remote. In case you work in downtown, you'll have quite a commute, but you will most likely not mind the drive home. The Sandbridge area has been developed nicely with shops and restaurants, so you need not drive past an acceptable limit for groceries. Furthermore, you're close to many farms that supply fresh, and quite often organic produce.
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