The Benefits of Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Stand-up sup boards oahu , also known as SUP, began in the 1960’s by creative surfing instructors in Hawaii who were trying to take pictures of the tourists paying for lessons. In order to get pictures that were in focus, they used canoe paddles to steady their own boards. A new water sport was born.

Although always popular in Hawaii, the sport was all but forgotten in favor of surfing. A recent gain in popularity is credited to professional surfers who showed an interest in paddle boarding oahu. The ease of instruction and multiple health benefits make this the ideal exercise for young and old, as well as every skill level. Participants do not have to be athletes to be successful. They do not even have to be physically fit.

Health Benefits

Taking paddle board lessons is a non-threatening and low impact way to improve balance, build core strength, and increase muscle tone. It is actually a full body workout that anyone can master. Basically, riders stand up on a board that is wider and longer than a surf board. They use a long, canoe-inspired paddle to maneuver the board and navigate the water. It is that simple, and that challenging.

Beginners with little strength or muscle tone may be sore at first, but that will decrease with practice. The beauty of this sport is that you can go as slow, or as fast, as you desire. As people become comfortable with the movement of the board, some start to pick up speed. paddle boarding on oahu keep to the more tranquil variations of the sport.

Taking It Easy

Yoga lessons are offered on paddle boards. The buoyancy of the board and the smooth rhythm of the waves enhances the stretching movements and positions. It also adds to the calming effects and breathing techniques used in yoga.

Floating down a river, traversing around the lake, and fishing are also relaxing ways to lower blood pressure and exercise the body on a paddle board. Those wishing to keep the movements slow and calm will want to practice close to the shore while on the beaches of Hawaii. Conditions can change suddenly so staying more inland is wise.

Adding Style and Speed

Paddle boarders with experience and a need for speed can take advantage of paddle board rentals oahu. Renting is easier and cheaper than transporting your own board while on vacation. Show off some freestyle moves, learn how to wake board, or improve skills for the upcoming open ocean race.

Other thrilling variations of paddle boarding include flat water and river rapid racing, boarding downwind, and cross training while paddle boarding. Whether boarding slowly or as fast as possible, everyone will notice the health benefits of the sport.
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