Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders

Mental health problems and drug use disorders often times happen together. This is due to the fact thatvarious illegal drugs can trigger individuals with a dependency to experience several signs of a mental illness
Mental illness can often times lead to alcohol or substance abuse, as some individuals with a mental health problem might abuse these drugs as a sort of self-medication
Mental and substance use conditions share some underlying sources, encompassing changes in brain structure, hereditary vulnerabilities, and early exposure to stress or injury
More than 1 in 4 grownups living with severe mental health problems also has a substance use problem. Substance use problems occur more routinely with certain mental health problems, including:

Anxiety disorders
Personality disorders
Substance Use Conditions
Drug use disorders can describe drug use or drug dependence. Signs and symptoms of substance use conditions may include:

Behavioral changes, such as:

Drop in attendance and productivity at work or academically
Commonly starting trouble, (scuffles, personal injuries, unlawful activities).
Using drugs in physically dangerous situations like while operating a machine or driving.
Engaging in secretive or suspicious behaviors.
Modifications in the desire for food or sleep habits.
Inexplicable change in personality or attitude.
Unexpected mood swings, impatience, or ill-tempered tantrums.
Time spans of unusual hyperactivity, frustration, or giddiness.
Wanting motivation.
Seeming scared, nervous, or paranoid, with no explanation.

Physical modifications, such as:.

Bloodshot eyeballs and abnormally sized pupils.
facts about alcoholism or weight gain.
Dilapidation of physical look.
Unusual scents on physical body, clothing, or breath.
Tremors, intoxicated sounding speech, or reduced coordination.

Social changes, like:.

Hasty change in buddies, preferred hangouts, and leisure activities.
Legal problems connected to substance use.
Inexplicable need for cash or financial problems.
Abusing substances despite the fact that it causes issues in relationships.

Recuperating from Mental Health Problems and Substance Use.

Someone with a mental health problem and drug use problem must manage both problems. Treatment for both mental health problems and drug abuse problems might include rehabilitation, medications, support groups, and talk therapy.
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